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Who We Are

We are you when you look in the mirror. This team was built out of necessity. A group of friends that wanted the best of all areas. We wanted the best knowledge base around not just for what exercises to do or the best diet advice. We wanted the best products that we know were to our standards for sure, but more than that we wanted to know how the drugs worked and what to take and when to take it. There is so much bad “bro science” on the forums we couldn’t figure out who was full of it, and what the real science was. One true principle we did know was The truth was the truth and the science was the science. Any UGL claiming they have a better product than pharmacy grade is full of shit. That helped us a lot in figuring out how we are different. We will tell you the truth even if its not what you want to hear. We know that using anabolics is a life decision and you are probably going to be a life time customer. It s very likely you will not just buy a bottle and then decide you didn’t like it. Here are a few reasons you shouls let us earn your business.

  1. We will never lie to you even if the truth hurts.
  2. We religiously use the products we sell and trust our own health to them.
  3. We can help you pick the right cycle for you.
  4. We have a pharmacist on staff to insure lab quality products.
  5. We have a nutritionist on staff to answer any meal prep or diet questions.
  6. It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran or new user, no question is too dumb to ask .
  7. We are the for us by us in the UGL industry.