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We get asked all the time why we do what we do. The answer is really simple. We want to use the best products available. When we started our journey we had amazing access to every type of lab equipment you could imagine. One of our friends started to use gear and of course had great results.  We quickly became obsessed. We decided that if we were going to treat out bodies like a lab experiment we better not be C students. We started buy from the best UGL’s we could find and started testing their products. Every single one ran into one of three categories. First (and maybe the worst) is they claimed to be better or have an edge over the competition and over dosed their products. So you thought you were taking 500mg of test a week but were taking 700mg so of course you feel better and stronger. You are also now dealing with sides that you were not expecting because the last batch you got from another lab was under dosed. That brings us to the next problem. Products we tested were grossly under dosed. Labs trying to stretch out hormones and lower the price of what they were selling they would simply sell Test E at 200mg/ml but list on the label 250mg/ml. Both of these problems make it had to be an A student when performing experiments on yourself. Let me tell you we were going hard. Weighing every piece of food that entered our body down to counting the calories from a stick of sugar free Extra gum. The third thing we found was that UGL’s we selling compounds that were not the compound listed on the label. For example all of the Testosterone they sold was Test Enanthate so if you were trying to see how your body responded to other esters, it didnt batter because you were using the same product. Anavar was mostly Winni and Anadrol was almost always Dbol. These three things made it impossible to trust the market. Lucky for us one of us was studying to be a pharmacist and we had access to the universities labs and lab equipment. We went to work on sourcing and testing and making a product we wanted to use and stand behind. We will never claim to be better than another UGL. If they are compounding to pharmacological standards that is as good as it gets. If a lab is claiming to do something better than that you should question what they are doing to spice it up and if you really want to play that game. We are here to support you and help you be an A student. If you are taking this seriously you cant afford to buy from a UGL that doesn’t keep it real.


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We do our very best to make sure problems never happen. That said if a problem happens we will stand by our products and make it right with you.

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JohnNew User

Bitcoin instructions were on point. I will never use WU or MG again.

Mark B.

Mark B.Client

Thank you for the TRT advice I have never felt better. The team at ASL has never let me down.